About Us

 High Quality
 Fashion Forward Designs
 High Volume Capacity
 Short Lead Time
 Affordability
 Health & Wellness Products

Pramedi is an affordable high-quality wholesale supplier of various biodegradable
finished products to the leading retailers, event buyers, boutique stores, home,
gift and accessory stores in US and abroad. Pramedi works with vertically
integrated production houses with the necessary infrastructure to manufacture
finished items such as shopping bags, fancy bags, carpets and other decorative
products. Pramedi’s factories have all the latest technologies to achieve an
effective production of 25,000 plus units/day. As an OEM supplier of finished
products, all our products leave our warehouse Store Ready for the retail floor.
Every process right from procurement to fulfillment is meticulously planned and
executed until it reaches the customer.

Pramedi currently carries more than 2000 exclusive designs along with hundreds
of new releases covering various genres and styles. Our Product line is updated
seasonally, ensuring the availability of the latest trends and styles to the market.
All our designs can be customized by size and printed in various substrates
covering different types of products. We also do customized embroideries for
certain products. All Pramedi’s shopping bags use substrates made from natural
fibers that are versatile, eco-friendly, bio-degradable, durable and with anti-static

Pramedi’s new addition of products consist of Personal Protective items
and variety masks covering unique designs and genres that caters to all
age groups.  Our Masks convey style and effectiveness for Wellness,
Pollution, Allergies and Travel outdoors.  Each of our items are created with
professional craftmanship using high quality substrate with an exceptionally
tight weave.