Blue Nautica Cane Bag

Blue Nautica Cane Bag

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• The best feature of this bag is that it is having a wooden Cane handle which makes the handle really strong and gives a different look.
• Multiple-use stylish handbags. This bag will look really nice with casual and trendy dresses.
• Can be used for grocery and variety shopping.
• Washing and handling instructions: Keep away from moisture. To clean wipe with a wet cloth or vinegar and dry in the sun when possible.
• Biodegradable and compostable. Post-consumer use: fabric can be used in gardening, decoration, and soil-related works. 
• Strong 10 oz. natural fiber.
•Reusable bags that can be used for years. 
•Organic Bags and Healthy to use.
• Please contact us for larger size pricing. (Large sizes available: 20x24, 24x36, 26x40, 28x48). 

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